ADF Fitness’ mission is to guide our client to reach their goals!

We use our unique experience in the Australian Defence Force as a basis for developing training programs for motivated civilians and currently serving military personnel. Our training methodologies are based off building functionally fit warriors who can utilise their strength, and endurance to perform in a military environment.

Our experience shows us that building fitness through focused but varied training delivers the results that our clients require. In order to pass a Pre-Entry Fitness Assessment (PFA), Initial Military Training, Courses throughout your military career, or Selection you must be well-rounded. You must look beyond just push-ups, or running and develop your maximal physical work capacity over varied times and exercises. The ADF Fitness programs are challenging and aide at building mental fortitude in challenging situations.

ADF Fitness does not offer gimmicks. We do not promise to help get 6 pack abs and be shredded for the next summer festival. We provide a product which is testable, a product which improves an individuals fitness levels. Look for the development of your physically capability and mental robustness and reap the rewards in how that improves your position in the Australian Defence Force and in everyday living.

We deliver on your goals

Through determination and the demonstration of commitment to the training plans you will develop your fitness to new levels. We will ensure that you are at the required fitness level for your Career in the Australian Defence Force.

  • Exercise Programs to assist well-rounded functional fitness

  • Specific Strength, Bodyweight, and Conditioning Programs

  • Pre-Enlistment Program and Personalised individual programs for every level

Military Focus


Strength Training


Conditioning and Cardio




The best things in life are often the ones hardest to get. Yet they are also the ones that are easiest to find, usually right in front of your face.



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The ADF Fitness programs were designed by qualified personal trainers with real experience in the Australian Defence Force.

Once payment has been completed you will receive an email with the program attached.

Scaling options are often included into programs, if you are unsure about scaling exercises to meet you level of fitness you should Contact Us. ADF Fitness trainers recommend that you always perform the most difficult achievable option for your level of fitness. The sites Crossfit and ExRx are great online resources to learn correct technique on more difficult movement. For more scaling options then please Contact Us.

Each program requires varying levels of fitness and has a different focus. Read through the Program descriptions and if you are still unsure Contact Us. Before starting any exercise program you should consult an Allied Health Professional to ensure you have fit or healthy enough for rigorous exercise.

ADF Fitness recommend that you should contact an Allied Health Professional for advice before commencing an ADF Fitness Program. If you are injured or have a medical condition then you should stop the program and consult professional medical help.

Achieve Your Military Fitness Goals

Programs to suit all levels of training to help achieve your fitness goals and achieve tangible results