Recruitment #2.4: Officer Selection Board (OSB)

For candidates applying to become as Officer within the Australian Defence Force, the Officer Selection Board (OSB) is the final step in the recruitment process. Everything that you have done up to the time of the OSB has provided defence with a basic understanding of your potential through how you present yourself in the present and what you have done in the past. This has given ADF recruitment enough confidence in your potential [...]

How to recover for peak performance

Rarely do we see athletes capable of performing well under fatigue. Often their training or over training has a diminishing effect on performance. We see a small percentage that are able to maintain performance under difficult circumstances, this can be seen with everyone from high-level athletes to weekend warriors. The ability to perform for short periods of time isn't as scarce as you might expect, it is seen a lot of populations faced [...]

Ways to improve Self Discipline

After joining the Military you are taught, through external motivation, personal discipline. Military training instructors look to impose on you rules and limitations that help lead you towards being more disciplined and being able to react quickly. What is taught to new recruits in their initial training forms the basic expectation for timings and behaviour in the ADF. In the space of a few short weeks that external motivation provided by the instructors is replaced by your [...]

Improve your Pack Marching by getting Stronger!

The ability to carry loads over large distances has been an important aspect of soldiering for thousands of years. The ability to move across the battle field without fatigue inhibiting a soldiers ability to fight is just as important for the tactical athlete today as it was for Hannibal and his Army in 218 BC. For the civilian population hiking through mountains with weight is not a task you want to do without the [...]

I Don’t have time?

One of the common excuses for not training or being in good physical condition is that "I don't have time". I am not writing this article without any understanding of how busy life gets and the need to constantly prioritise one job over another. I get it...you're just wrong. 'Moving with a sense of purpose' becomes one of those annoying military sayings that is overused but more often than not, true. Getting the most [...]