Recruitment #2.4: Officer Selection Board (OSB)

For candidates applying to become as Officer within the Australian Defence Force, the Officer Selection Board (OSB) is the final step in the recruitment process. Everything that you have done up to the time of the OSB has provided defence with a basic understanding of your potential through how you present yourself in the present and what you have done in the past. This has given ADF recruitment enough confidence in your potential [...]

Recruitment #2.3: Assessment Day Psychological Interview

Note: Some content in this article can also be read in the Defence Interview article. You will often find that half the questions you are asked in the defence interview will also be asked by the Psychologist. The psychologist will want to gauge your answers for themselves.  The two most important components of the Assessment day are the Psychological and Defence Interviews. While these two interviews cover a lot of the same topics they do have different [...]

Recruitment #2.2: Assessment Day Defence Interview

The two most important components of the Assessment day are the Psychological and Defence Interviews. While these two interview cover a lot of the some topics they do have different objectives from a recruiters point of view. In this blog post we will cover the Defence interview and everything you should know to succeed. Even after reading this blog post and having a good idea about what to know the biggest tips we can [...]

Recruitment #2.1: General Tips Assessment Day

The Assessment Day  is arguably the most important component of the recruitment process. There are a number of activities that will be completed throughout the day all of which can be made considerably easier if you prepare yourself correctly. If you fail to do adequate preparation the DFR staff will single you out quickly from those that are prepared to put in effort. To start off our multi post series on the Assessment day the team [...]

Recruitment #1: YOU Session

ADF Fitness aims at not only improving fitness levels but offering all military related, health and fitness, and recruitment advice. We do not work with DFR but rather write from our own experiences. Your experience may differ, each and every situation is treated differently by Defence Force Recruiting so remember to always conduct your own research. YOU SESSION: The YOU session is the first step on the recruitment process. You are undoubtedly nervous, and [...]