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The YOU session is the first step on the recruitment process. You are undoubtedly nervous, and unsure as you what to expect. Don’t worry, the YOU session largely consists of waiting in a room with all the other candidates. So lets start with some tips for the YOU session:

Note: Whilst the YOU session is more of a time for you to chat and get more information from the DFR staff you should NOT approach as such.

  1.  Dress: Unlike the Assessment Day business attire isn’t required. Our recommendation, wear business attire. It never hurts to make a good first impression. The ADF as an organisation is very conservative, you should dress conservatively to match.
  2. Preparation: Do some reading through the DFR website on jobs that you might be interested in. Develop a short list, write down requirements of the job and any questions you may have. Bring this list with you and go through it with the careers counseller. This shows the DFR staff that you are genuinely interested and have conducted your own research. It will also help you gain some knowledge on positions and narrow down the jobs which match your interests.
  3. Arrive Early, not late. You’ll learn all about the importance of timings during basic…
  4. Have all your required paperwork with you and filled out.
  5. Attitude: The best advice we can offer throughout the recruitment process is to be positive. Approach every conversation in a positive light, particularly when talking about yourself (this is really a tip for life; implement it into your recruitment process and see the results).

After completing the application form and booking your YOU session we recommend conducting some prior preparation.

  1. Psychologist/DFR staff – The staff will likely ask some quick questions about who you are when debriefing you on your aptitude results. This is why some prior preparation comes in handy. Prior to attending the you session think about your experience, Where you have been working/studying?, What did the job entail? Do you play any team sports? Remember to be positive about your experience, talk about how it has improved you and what you learnt from it. Do not stress, most of this time will be spent going over your test results and talking about what jobs you are interested in.
  2. Aptitude Testing – The major component of the YOU session is the aptitude testing. No matter how comfortable you are with testing doing some prior learning will only help. By failing to get the required score could put an immediate end to your chances of getting the job you want. The Aptitude testing consists of 75 questions andHere are some Great sites where you can conduct some aptitude training. Remember your goal with this test is to answer as many questions correctly in the little time that you have.
  3. Maths Testing – Consisting of 25 questions which need to be completed within 12 minutes. Largely consisting of multiple choice the key to the test is making informed choices, eliminate the obviously incorrect answers better allowing you to make the correct choice. It covers the topics:
    • Series,
    • Geometry
    • Trigonometry
    • Money questions,
    • Calculus;
    • Basic algebra;
    • Four operations;
    • Problems
  4. Essay – You will likely be asked to write a brief essay on a given topic or topic of your choice. This is to determine you writing ability. Keep it coherent and you will be fine. See Basic Essay Writing Tips.
  5. Medical – Brief 5 Minute medical ensuring that you can pass an eye test and fall within the required BMI.
  6. Fitness training – The whole recruitment process can be completed very quickly, for some people it takes less then 2 Months before they are preparing to start at Kapooka. The team at ADF Fitness had varying experiences, for some their job offers came a week before they were expected to start training, for others their joining date was 6 months later. If you are worried about your fitness levels and unsure if you would pass initial testing then we recommend our Pre-Enlistment Training Program . If you are already at a high level of fitness then Soldier 8 Week Program will be sure to test you and develop your fitness levels beyond anything you have previously done. For more Information see our Fitness Programs.

Our next post on recruitment with cover the Assessment Day. This Assessment Day is an important day, we will cover this over several posts.

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