Squat Cleans (62/45 kg)
Bar Muscle-ups

Calf Stretch
Spiderman > Cossack > Pidgeon Stretches
5 x Inch-worm Push-ups
3 x 20 seconds hollow body hold

3 Rounds –
10 x kettle-bell swings
5 x goblet squat (using kettle-bell)
5 x Thruster (using kettle-bell)
10 x Kipping Swings
20 x Situps OR 10 x GHD Sit-ups

Burgener Warm-up

Reduce weight of squat clean
Instead of Squat clean perform a Power Clean and Front Squat. If you cannot squat just power clean. If you cannot clean, front squat from rack.
Reduce reps of Bar Muscle-ups or scale to Chest to bar pull-ups, use bands if required.