Workout of the Day #67

12 Minute AMRAP: 6 Power Cleans (62/45 kg) 12 Wallballs (20/14 lbs) 18 Walking Lunges (20/15 kg DBs) WARM UP: Calf Stretch Samson Stretch Torso Rotation 3 Rounds: Inch Worm Push-ups 10 Jump Squats 10 Sit-ups 5 Strict Barbell Press Row 200m Burgener Warm-up SCALING: Reduce Power Clean Weight Reduce Wall-ball weight or change to front squats Walking lunges (bodyweight)

Workout of the Day #66

20 Minute EMOM: Odd Minute Run (distance) Even Minute Assault Bike (calories) WARM UP: Dynamic Warm Up Calf Stretch Spiderman Stretch High Knees 10 x V-ups 10 x Broad Jumps Jog 200m Leg Swings SCALING: Row if you cannot run or do not have access to an assault bike If you require something other than running, rowing or assault bike then perform burpees and Double Unders (or single skips) [...]

Workout of the Day #65

21-15-9: Deadlift (125/85 kg) Burpees over the bar WARM UP: Dynamic leg swings Pidgeon Stretch Spiderman Stretch w/ Torso Rotation 10 x Inch Worm Push-ups 10 x Broad Jumps 10 x Single leg Romanian Deadlift 10 x Kettlebell deadlift 10 x Kettlebell Swings 10 x Kettlebell Push Press (5 per arm) SCALING: Reduce weight of deadlift (should be able to do a minimum of 7 reps unbroken) Burpees pushups from knees [...]

Workout of the Day #64

20 Minute AMRAP: Run 400m 24 Air Squats 12 Ring Dips WARM UP: Calf Stretch Samson Stretch Spiderman Stretch Pidgeon Stretch 3 Rounds: 10 x Kipping Swings 10 x Push-up plus 5 x V-ups 20m Burpee Broad Jumps Jog 200m SCALING: Row if you cannot run 24 Walking Lunges if you cannot squat, if no lower body possible conduct 12 Pull-ups If you cannot do Ring Dips scale to one of the following: [...]

Workout of the Day #63

[A] 7 Rounds of: 80m Prowler push (20kg) Rest 2 Minutes [B] 3 Sets of max reps: Ring Dips Rest as needed between sets WARM UP Calf Stretch Samson Stretch 20 x Air Squat 3 Rounds of: 20 x Mountain Climbers 10 x Single leg Glute Bridge 5 x V-ups 10 x Back Extention 5 x Broad Jumps 20 Seconds Handstand Hold Jog 200m SCALING Reduce weight on prowler Replace Ring Dips with [...]

Workout of the Day #62

12-9-6: Squat Cleans (62/45 kg) Bar Muscle-ups WARM UP Calf Stretch Spiderman > Cossack > Pidgeon Stretches 5 x Inch-worm Push-ups 3 x 20 seconds hollow body hold 3 Rounds - 10 x kettle-bell swings 5 x goblet squat (using kettle-bell) 5 x Thruster (using kettle-bell) 10 x Kipping Swings 20 x Situps OR 10 x GHD Sit-ups Burgener Warm-up SCALING Reduce weight of squat clean Instead of Squat clean perform a Power [...]

Workout Of The Day #61

5 Rounds For Time: Air Assault Bike 20/15 Cal 10 Burpee Box Jumps (24/20") Rest 3 Minutes WARM UP: Spiderman Stretch Pidgeon Stretch Leg Swings Torso Rotation 3 Rounds: 5 Pull ups 10 Jumps Squats 5 Toes-to-bar Jog 200m SCALING: Reduce calories of Assault Bike Reduce Height of Box Jumps

WOD #60

EMOM: 5 Squat Cleans Minutes: 0-5 60kg 5-10 85kg 10-15 100kg 15-20 120kg WARMUP: Calf Stretch 10 x Spiderman Stretch w/ Torso rotation 10 x Glute Bridge 10 x Pull-ups 10 x Situps 200m Row 5 Push-ups Burgener Warm-up 3 sets of increasing warm-up weights SCALING: Replace Squat Clean with Power Clean and Front Squat or just the Power Clean/Front Squat Scale weights If you cannot clean do ascending cals on a Assault [...]

WOD #59

12 Minute AMRAP: 10 Power Cleans (62/45 kg) 5 Muscle-Ups Run 200m WARM UP Calf Stretch Samson Stretch Pidgeon Stretch 3 Rounds: 10 x Push-ups 10 x Inch Worms 10 x Kipping Swings 5 x Toes to Bar 5 x Broad Jumps Burgener Warm-up SCALING: Reduce weight of Power Clean Replace Muscle-ups with Pull-ups and Dips

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